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our history 



Built in 1888 from local limestone the first known resident was J Orr & Co who ran the Kurow Store which was a hub of trading in the village of Kurow.  The Orr family lived in the 3 bedroom rear of the building complete with parlour and formal dinning rooms.

The next occupier for a short time was a member of the Bloxham family who were local tailors.  Following them S Cooper opened a Hardware and Building supplies store and some locals can remember the vast array of goods that were sold.

Dalgety and Co the stock and station agents followed with their shop in what is now our dining area/cafe and their staff accommodated behind.  One staff member remembers waking in the night hearing a burglar trying to enter the safe in the shop through his bedroom wall.  He duly loaded his shot gun and headed out to confront the intruder only to be met by a large rodent trying to take the loot.  The safe still remains in the building but without its cargo!